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Each summer I will be offering four piano technician courses in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You will find the descriptions below.

Each course will run one week, Monday to Friday, four hours each day. The cost for each course will be $600 tax exempt. This does not include the cost of tools. If you need them, the total cost for tools is approximately:
Tuning Courses $200 plus tax
Repair Course $800 plus tax
Rebuilding Course - all tools supplied for course.

In order for me to schedule the courses so that as many people as possible can take advantage of the offerings, I have created this short survey. If you are interested in any of the courses, please fill it out and send it in.

Please select the courses you might be interested in and the weeks that you are available.

Once I have a sufficient number of responses, I will send out another email with the official dates of the courses.

Select if interested: Course Description June 28-July 2 July 5-9 July 12-16 July 19-23 July 26-30 Aug 2-6 Aug 9-13
Basic Tuning Course.
Learn to tune pianos at a basic level. Intended for students with a musical background and limited tuning experience.
Advanced Tuning
This course is intended for practicing tuners who wish to advance their tuning skill to the RPT level and beyond.
Basic Repairs
This course will show how to perform some of the most common repairs encountered in the field.
We will take an old piano and perform all the major repairs required to produce a fine instrument.

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If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at
Montreal: 514-771-8666
Toll Free: 1-866-MR-TUNER(678-8637)

Mark Cerisano, RPT, Mech.Eng
Mr. Tuner Piano Service
President, Senior Technician and Senior Instructor