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Ever since I started offering piano tuning courses in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, I have been amazed at the number of people who have travelled great distances to take my courses. I am now offering the basic and advanced courses online so that more people may be able to take these courses without having to pay the added expense of travel and accomodations.

The online course is given using Google Hangouts, which has superior video resolution and audio quality than other online web seminar services. You will be able to hear and see me tuning a piano and demonstrating techniques.
I will be able to see and hear you tuning a piano, and offer real-time suggestions and feedback for improvement. The audio quality over the internet is actually superior for teaching piano tuning because the internet acts like a filter, enhancing the higher partials of the piano notes, partials that are sometimes difficult for beginning tuners to hear easily.

Roger just participated in a private course from me. (April 2013) I was in Canada and he was in Australia!
Read his unsolicited response to the course experience below:

"I was amazed at how much I did learn, see, etc., through video conferencing."
"The sound (i.e. beats) were clear and the visuals, most of the time, where clear."
"I found this a very valuable experience, learning tool. The sessions have moved me ahead considerably."
"I am extremely pleased with the outcomes and would happily recommend it to anyone wishing to improve or learn piano tuning skills"

Roger - Piano Technician from Australia. Private advanced tuning course, April 2013. Course broadcasted from Montreal, Canada to Melbourrne, Australia.

Below are listed some of the courses I can offer to you over the internet using real time video conferencing.
In the Basic Course, you will start with the very basics and I will show you how to tune a piano, where to put the mutes, what notes to tune in what order, etc. I will also teach you the tricks needed to make tuning a piano as easy as possible.

Tuning can be very stressful and difficult to learn, but it doesn't have to be. With this course you will learn what to listen for when tuning, how to make fine adjustments, how to keep the pitch stable, etc.

I also offer advanced instruction for technicians with more experience.

Slow Pull Technique - Reduce arm stress. "Feel" the pin better. Less damage to the pinblock. Better stability.

Soft Blow Technique - Reduce ear fatigue and hearing damage. Reduce stress on fingers and wrist.

Open Unison Tuning - Throw away those mute strips! Get higher precision and better stability in the same amount of time.

The Mechanics of Stability - Understand the pin/string system and what is happening when we turn the hammer. Learn to find the right hammer technique on any piano. Learn why and when to use a different hammer technique within the same piano, within the same unison!

Open Stream/Cam - Discuss any concepts of piano tuning that you want to learn more about.

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