Tuning Repair Price List
Suggested Prices.
Actual prices charged by technician may be more or less.
Call the technician in your area and book an appointment for an estimate to be sure.
(Prices do not include taxes)

Common Piano Repairs and Prices
Below are some of the common repairs that are available:

Replace single hammer $40
Replace single string $40
Repair Key $40
Touch up finish Contact Us
Repair broken pedal $100
Replace broken action parts Contact Us
Fix loose pins $20 per pin
Repair bridges Contact Us

Piano Upgrades and Prices
Below are some common upgrades that can be done to a piano to bring it back closer to its original condition:
(Prices do not include taxes)

Replace bass strings $800
Replace all strings $1800
Replace keytops $500
Refinish cabinet $2300
Repair/replace soundboard Contact Us
Repair/replace pin block Contact Us
Repair/replace bridges Contact Us