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I often find churches or persons who have a grand piano that needs voicing and regulation. Sometimes, they are willing to have students pay to attend a voicing and regulation class in exchange for having their piano voiced and regulated for free. Therefore I occasionally am able to offer day long courses in basic grand voicing and regulation.

We will start by discussing the grand action in general and look at the specific condition of the action.

After analysing where we can improve the regulation of this piano, we will start the adjustments.

After the regulation is finished, we will listen to the tone of the piano and discuss if there may be areas where we can affect improvement.

NOTE: the criteria used to improve the tuning, feel, and tone of this piano will be done from a practical, pragmatic, and economical point of view. These are not concert instruments used for professional performance every week, so any high level regulation or voicing may not be appropriate from an economical point of view. The high level of adjustments may not even last due to humidity fluctuations whereas professional concert instruments are tuned, voiced, and regulated, weekly or even daily in some cases. My approach will not be "How to produce the optimum tone and feel for this instrument" but more along the lines "How can we improve the tone and feel so that this piano is more fun to play". Whenever we, as moderately talented technicians, can find a piano that is badly out of regulation and has simple tone shortcomings, and is in a modest playing enviroment, owned by a group or person with modest income but still a desire to enjoy the piano, that can be the most rewarding experience using basic simple techniques that do not require years of refinement.

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