Dear Mark

I would like to compliment you on your truly excellent piano tuning and technical repair program that I was so fortunate to recently attend. The program helped to shed light onto so many things for me. For the first time I understand what makes a truly superb tuning and appreciate why this requires considerable time and perseverance to really master. Great tuning is a remarkable process but once understood and appreciated anything less becomes unacceptable.

Likewise, I finally have an understanding of the piano action which had previously been only a labyrinth of confusion for me. The patience of your expert instruction was so important to me and helped me in so many ways to achieve a deeper understanding and knowledge of the piano and its workings.

I would unhesitatingly recommend your program for any aspiring student of the piano. In fact, I now consider it mandatory for anyone interested in the instrument whether it be from the stand point of a performer or a technician.


Dr. Frank Csik
Basic Tuning and Repair - Toronto 2011

Mark Cerisano is an excellent instructor. The course material was very clear and well organized. In addition to helpful explanations, Mark also provides excellent hands on experience and commentary in both the tuning and repair courses. A great course for anyone wishing to start a new career, or simply learn about piano tuning and repair.

Mateusz Swoboda
Basic Piano Tuning - Toronto 2010
Basic Piano Repair - Toronto 2011

Mark is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. He breaks down the art and science of piano tuning into manageable steps, and describes each one in great detail with many hands-on demonstrations. If you want to learn how to make your piano sing in tune, this is the course for you.

Gordon Hildebrand
Basic Tuning and Repair/Grand Regulation - Montreal 2007/2010

Seven years ago, I took Mark Cerisano's piano tuning course. It gave me the skills I needed to make it my career. Mark is very particular about his craft, is a nice person, and his experience as a music teacher and professional musician make him the perfect teacher. Take his course!

Andrew Cabana
Basic Piano Tuning - Montreal 2005

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