Tuning Advertising and Piano Brokerage Service

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Why advertise your piano with MR. TUNER?

  • Pianos advertised on mrtuner.com are also published in local free websites like Kijiji and Craigslist.

  • mrtuner.com is the only place where shoppers can view pictures, descriptions, and prices of previously inspected pianos for sale, with repair estimates.

  • Advertisements for Mr. Tuner Piano Service, including pianos for sale, are listed on many web sites that offer classified music ads.

  • Your ad will run for one low price until your piano sells!

Advertising Fees (taxes are extra)
Typical Avertising Fee = $160US/CAD (For actual advertising prices, Click Here and read the profile of the technician in your city.)

Included in the advertising fee are all of the following services:

- Professional written inspection of your piano, listing all possible repairs.
- Minor repairs.
- Estimate of value.
- Digital photograph of your piano.
- Publication on Mr. Tuner's website: mrtuner.com
- Continued publication on the website until your piano sells.
- Free 1st tuning for your buyer if referred to you by Mr. Tuner.

Additional fee payable only if your piano is sold through Mr. Tuner's Piano Service:
10% of the originally listed price. (minimum $200US/CAD)

We are constantly getting requests for pianos of specific styles and price ranges. Your piano may be one that someone is looking for right now.

CLICK HERE to contact us now and let us help you sell your piano.