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Have you seen all the different styles of websites on the web?

Are you confused by all the choices you have to make when deciding what kind of website you need?

Sure, it would be cool to have "flash this" and "java script" that, but what do you really want the internet to do for you?

If you are like me, you have already spent too much money on advertising and start-up. You want the internet to start bringing you business, now!, without costing you an arm and a leg.

When I started my piano tuning business, I knew I needed a web presence, but I couldn't afford an expensive web designer. I learnt the basics and created my website for piano technicians all over North America.

I learned fast that it is easy to create a simple website and it is also easy to have that website lost in the thousands of websites out there.

I didn't have time to "mega tag" this or "reciprical link" that in order to have my site show up when someone was searching for piano tuning in my city. And anyway, when I did finally get listed in the organic search results, my position never stayed high for very long.

And without having my website show up in the search results of potential customers, it was useless and a total waste of my money and my time!

Then I started using Google Adwords. Google has provided this service so that people with websites can have some control over where and when their websites show up on the sponsored search results.

So, I learned that I didn't need a fancy website with expensive search engine optimization to get business from the internet, I just needed a web listing and an effective internet marketing campaign.

It took me quite a while to learn the basics of Google's Adwords service and now I am helping other people get referals from the internet for far less than any other form of advertising that I have ever found.

"I get at least one referal a week through my Google Adwords Campaign and website listing hosted by Mr. Tuner and finally I have an advertising program that makes me money!"
Tom Lloyd, Piano Technician, Mr. Tuner Ottawa

Mr. Tuner now has the ability to offer this same revenue generating marketing program to any business that provides a service or product.

This is how we do it:

1) We create a simple web listing for you hosted on our website.

2) Then we create a specific Google Adwords campaign designed especially for your product or service. We choose individual and unique keywords that will gaurantee that your listing will appear on page one of a google search for your product or service.

3) We maintain your campaign and periodically analyze the performance and fine-tune it to produce the best results possible.

The internet is growing and now, more people than ever are turning to it first in order to search for the services they need.

As more and more people begin using Google Adwords, the cost will continue to go up. Now is the time to start a Google Adwords campaign and enjoy the low fees advertisers presently enjoy.

Go Here to fill out our trial form and start getting internet business referals as soon as possible.

This advertising model has worked for me and my tuners, and I am convinced it will work for you too. But, if it doesn't, I will be happy that you found out early, without having invested a fortune in website design and search engine optimization.

Best business to You!

Mark Cerisano, RPT, Mech.Eng
Mr. Tuner Inc.